Food for Thought December: Are We Making the Most of Our Lives?

Food for Thought December: Are We Making the Most of Our Lives?

I can’t speak for everyone, but my gut has a controversial viewpoint. Everyday, we go about our lives with the intent to either finish something or to do absolutely nothing. Or is it that we have conditioned ourselves enough to be stuck in the same routine? This may seem like the intent to do something, go to work and finish your duties. However, I think this also can translate to doing absolutely nothing. 

Regardless of where you work and whether you love it or hate it, does it fuel you? Does the time you spend most of your weeks make you feel like you are living to your fullest? Yes, we need to have jobs for income. I am not talking about quitting your job, unless, of course you have been looking for the sign to do so. I am talking about adding things in your day to day life that truly sparks your humanity. Experiences that are thrilling, spontaneous, adventurous, peaceful, and the long list of adjectives that make up memories we can never forget. 

I bring this up because of our habits of doing the same thing everyday. Do we even realize that we still have the choice to introduce more randomness in our lives? I finally am starting to and I am twenty two years old. I look out at so many people everyday, observing, and wondering if they think the same way. Maybe I am being naive but maybe I am being more aware than the average middle aged human. There isn’t an excuse to not bring in more experiences in your life, regardless of how much your current position demands of you. 

To be human is to be curious, to explore, and to learn. Our world is full of opportunity and untouched grounds for us to touch. To simply put, set better intentions for yourself. New ones. A new trip somewhere, local or national. A new direction on your way to work or school. Meet new people and be more open to strangers in the neighborhood, for they have new perspectives to share too. Life is too short to isolate yourself. 

Explore the little things that this life has to offer, for they are the most enjoyable ones when you discover them. Put down your phone. Get in touch with the nature around you, within humans and the world. Think of the person you want to be in ten years, what will they have achieved or done? Strive to live like that person and before you know, they will be you. 

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