The Do’s and Don’t’s of Style

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Style

Experimentation is a great thing to lean onto when it comes to trying new fashions. Without it, our personal taste would never develop. If I never had my phases of wearing head to toe I.AM.GIA, I never would have realized how inauthentic my style had become. While testing new silhouettes, colors, and aesthetics are great, there will always be the do’s and the don’t’s. 

Starting with the positives…

Do #1 - Prioritize a Capsule Wardrobe Before Purchasing the Seasonal Trends or Short Lived Fads. 

This was a hard pill to swallow for me until I realized how easy it was to get ready once I’ve collected a handful of basics. Without buying the staple pieces, closets become messy and your outfit becomes even messier. You’ll save time and your money by investing in quality basics as they will last until you need to replace them with a new one. Of course there are times I will purchase a more trendy item from now and then, however, I will always be sure I will wear it more than once. Fashion is fun, it doesn't always have to be so serious! But having a capsule wardrobe, I promise will change your life...and I don't make many promises. 

Do #2 - Understand That Timeless Will Always Win.

Ten years from now, will the woman at the party dressed in the LBD with black pointed stilettos look better than the other in a crochet dress standing in chunky hot pink heels? Always. I will forever be more stricken by women who captures elegance and confidence with her choice of a slinky black dress or a white button up with blue jeans. Timeless never dies, fads do quickly. 

Do #3 - Accessorize to Your Personal Taste.

Accessories are what makes a timeless outfit yours. Adding unique elements of yourself with choices of jewelry, shoes, and handbags make all the difference. It is essential to add now that, in theory, you’ve successfully built a capsule wardrobe. Accessories adds zazz and further communicates your personality. It's always little things that speak the loudest. Diamonds or pearls. Gold or silver. Shoulder bag or crossbody. Stilettos or block heels. 

Ending with the negatives… 

Don’t #1 - Shop From One Place.

Shopping from one brand is like eating only at one restaurant for the rest of your life. EXPLORE! The more different brands you shop at, the further you develop a personal style and learn what you like. No one can authentically say with confidence that they love everything from one place. It is important I mention you also don’t shop from brands that sell cheap clothing, dare I say the five letter word that starts with s and ends with n… do yourself a favor and separate yourself from the community of minions who strictly wear fast fashion brands, you all look the same. Saying that you shop fast because "it is cheap", you can find those items at a thrift store. It is never too late to change your style! We all start somewhere and I was no exception. The more places you shop, small and large businesses, the more personality your outfit will have and understand your style. 

Don’t #2 - Always Give in to Hot Fads.

If it’s anything you take away from this post, please take this one and implement it in your life. I can’t count how many times I have heard myself and others regret wasting money on fads. For your understanding, it is important to know the differences between classics, trends, and fads. Classics are timeless pieces that will likely never go out of style and last for a very long time (ex. blue jeans). Trends are seasonal pieces that are very popular but are not consistently in style forever (ex. low rise pants). Fads are the most short-lived of all, they are highly popular micro trends that can die out in just a few weeks (ex. parachute pants). Note that trends and fads do have the ability to recycle (ex. y2k). 

Don't #3 - Throw Out Your Clothes.

Now that we have pointed out the clothes in our wardrobes that we likely should get rid of to make more space for capsule pieces, we still must not add to the growing pollution of the fashion industry by throwing out our clothes. Upcycle, donate, or resell. Get creative and make something new out of something old. Donate to thrift stores or local clothing drives. Resell on apps like Depop, Ebay, Poshmark, etc. You have options. 

Perfecting your style takes time. Keep in mind that this is not an overnight process of achieving. Our style changes with age, with experiences. Experiment with this knowledge in the back of your mind. Think and inspire from your style figures. A few of mine are Jane Birkin, Betty Catroux, and Brigitte Bardot. Shop with intent and with a plan. Without a plan, you will buy things you do not need. 

 “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

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