What Makes an It Girl?

What Makes an It Girl?

The windows are open, air infused with tobacco and fresh rain. Moonlight reflects on the mirror, one swipe of plum lipstick and she is almost ready to leave her apartment on the east side. Before her departure, she glances one last time at the woman on her television. Fascinated by the woman's hair and hemline, she quickly runs to the mirror with scissors. Now she is ready. With snips of long locks of hair and cut embellished fabric on the floor, her shoulders and knees are exposed for the night. 

The 1920's was a period of change to say the least, outlets of creativity and freedom began to flourish in reaction to past societal restrictions. Underground speakeasies and secret parties erupted due to the prohibition of alcohol, resulting in the beautiful age of Jazz. Women, who now had the right to vote, began to embrace a more liberating lifestyle. Smoking publicly, drinking alcohol, and practicing sexual freedom shocked the previous Victorian generation. While the lifestyle of a flapper was looked down upon, they are seen as not only the first generation of independent women who pushed barriers, but also as the world's first it girls.  

This new wave of confident women inspired women from all ages. Whether seen on the street hollering a taxi or acting in films, they were known by anyone. One woman in particular, Clara Bow, was known to be the most influential it girl. She was an American star lite and played roles that most often represented the working class woman. Her appearance on the screen charmed all audiences, specifically sparking the youth to rebel against social morals taught by their parents. Hairstyles and fashionable silhouettes became shorter because Clara Bow wore such. 

Since then, we have seen this influence from it girls in today's culture in a variety of social outlets. From the consistent exposure of celebrity media to eye catching women on our walks to the grocery store, we are drawn to such charisma. What is different today is how many more style icons we can draw inspiration from: Bella Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Yasmeen Ghauri, Lily Rose Depp, the list is endless. 

Women look up to other confident women. What all it girls have in common is self-reliance. They are effortlessly chic, captivating, and seductive. It is why they stand out amongst the crowd. 

How do you become an it girl? Dress for yourself, be daring and experiment with your style in ways that you have not. Whether that be testing a bold lip color or wearing black stockings under your skirt, only you hold the power. Practice positive affirmations and freely embrace yourself. 

Anyone can be an it girl, including you. 

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